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Ogam Energy Wand


One of a kind Handmade Wand
Materials: Japanese Bamboo, Clay, Clear Quartz, Leather
Ships only within the United States

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Bamboo is known around the world as a durable, robust plant capable of withstanding the most treacherous storms but more importantly, its spiritual properties bring luck, prosperity, protection and healing to those who understand how to use its powers. It has the unique ability to harness 4 elements (earth, water, air and fire) because it grows up from the earth, through water, into the air and is scorched by the sun.

The Ogam Energy Wand is designed with the idea of one simple truth: Ultimate power dwells within. The dragon motif represents the serpent energy that sleeps at the base of the spine and is channeled upward through concentrated effort.  It is made to compliment any ritual where we seek to draw from the infinite wellspring of knowledge, love, and truth that resides in our DNA. It can be used to dress candles and magical aids for purification, protection and general energy work.


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